Saturday 31st December

Newbury – 1.15 Conas Taoi 8-1 ,1.50 Messire Des Obeaux 4-1 ,3.00 Geordie Des Champs 4-1

Uttoxeter -2.15 Alcala 5-1

Lingfield – 2.40 Natural Scenery 7-4


Trixie – 1.50 Messire Des Obeaux 4-1 , 2.4o Natural Scenery 13-8 , 3.00 Geordie Des Champs 7-2


Horses to follow list  ( 1.50 Robin Roe & Messire Des Obeaux , 3.00 Born Survivor , 3.40 Redhotfillypeppers )


Thursday 29th December



Leopardstown – 1.55 Alpha Des Obeaux 4-1 , 2.30 Nichols Canyon 8-11 , 3.35 Arctic Light 7-2

Doncaster – 2.05 Briery Belle 15-8( non runner) , 2.40 Ami Desbois 4-1(Non Runner)


Lucky 15 – 1.55 Alpha Des Obeaux 4-1 ,2.30 Nichols Canyon 4-7 ,2.40 Amis (Non Runner) Desbois 10-3 , 3.35 Arctic Light 7-2


Wednesday 28th December



12.50 Billy’s Hope 14-1 & Wood Breizh 20-1

1.20 Bleu Et Rouge 11-4

1.50 Vroum Vroum Mag 10-11 , Kotkikova 9-1 e/w

2.25 Tudor City 9-4

3.00 Valseur Lido 5-2


Trixie – 1.50 Vroum Vroum Mag 4-5 , 2.25 Tudor City 9-4 , 3,00 Valseur Lido 5-2


Horses to follow list ( 1.50 Vroum Vroum Mag 10-11 & Kotkikova 9-1 , 3.00 Valseur Lido , 3.35 Carter Mckay 4-6 )

*12,15 Montalbano could be a good one too, so keep an eye or stick in a Mullins muggy multiple with a few of his horses if u want.


Tuesday 27th December


1.10 Dolores Delightful 11-2

2.20 Special Tiara evens

2.55 Beltor 7-1

3.30 Bally Longford 4-1


Chepstow – 2.00 Defi Du Seuil 10-11 , 2.40 Caroles Destrier 8-1 & Baie Des Iles 20-1( 5/6 places with bookies , 3.50 Aye Aye Charlie 9-2

Leopardstown – 3.00 Otago Trail 12-1 & Ucello Conti 12-1 (Notebook) – (5/6 places with bookies)


Trixie –  2.20 Special Tiara evens, 3.30 Bally Longford 7-2 ,3.50 Aye Aye Charlie 4-1

 E/w Lucky 15 – 1.10 Dolores Delightful 5-1 ,2.40 Caroles Destrier 8-1 , 2.55 Beltor 7-1 , 3.00 Ucello Conti 11-1

*Horses to follow list – ( 12.15 Meri Devie 4-1 ,1.55 Peace News 4-1 ,2.00 Defi Du Seuil 10-11 )

Monday 26th December



1.30 Two Taffs 11-2

2.05 Minella Daddy 8-1

2.40 The New One 15-8

3.15 Thistlecrack 5-2 (AP)

3.45 Lisheen Prince 11-2


Leopardstown – 12.45 Barra 11-4 , 1.15 Bapaume 2-1 , 1.50  Blast of Koeman 10-1(Notebook) , 2.20 Min 4-5

Wetherby – 1.50 Blaklion 7-2


Lucky 15- 12.45 Barra 11-4 ,1.50 Blaklion 7-2 , 3.15 Thistlecrack 5-4 ,3.45 Lisheen Prince 5-1

E/w Trixie – 1.30 Two Taffs 11-2 ,1.50 Blast Of Koeman 10-1 ,2.05 Minella Daddy 8-1


*Hope you are all enjoying Xmas day. Thank for the kind wishes via tweets and DM’s. I will get back to all of you in due time. It’s really appreciated people take a few seconds out of their busy lives to think of me on this great day. Lots of racing on Boxing Day so please be selective and don’t bet  in every single race. Good luck and keep celebrating 🙂


Horses to follow list – ( 12.55 Jenkins ,1.15 Bapaume, 1.50 Blaklion )

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2017



Hi guys and girls,

It’s my annual end of year message and that means Xmas isn’t too far away. I just want to wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2017. Let’s hope this new year will bring us lots of happiness,success and good health. We survived another year and now it’s time to celebrate in style. Do enjoy the festive period with your loved ones and have loads of fun.

A big thank you to each and everyone of you who has contributed in some way to another successful year. I have enjoyed the interactions with you all whether via DM’s,tweets, or emails. Thanks for all the help you guys provided to the team throughout the year. There are too many people to mention but you know who you are. Thanks also for the support on a daily basis whether we have good or bad days. The team is united against the silly bookies and that’s how it should always be. If you look after the team I will always look after you. We will never compete with anyone since we are not tipsters. We are punters who love racing and enjoy a few punts.We share our bets and at the end of the day it’s up to the individual to follow us or not.

There are a few leaders in the team who are more vocal than others but there are also a few who work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide us with the necessary platform to work efficiently. Constructive criticism has always been welcomed .But I will never tolerate piss take or slagging off people who I trust and who work really hard for the team.Loyalty and honesty are two big things for me.If you don’t like A or B then you either don’t follow or block them.It’s that simple.No individual is bigger than the team and you will be axed if you break the rules whoever you are.

You should always regard gambling as some form of entertainment rather as some kind of obsession to become rich in one day. It won’t happen that’s for sure.I see some people on twitter betting 24/7 on all kinds of sports or anything that moves .Clearly those people have gambling problems and they are not really enjoying betting. Never chase any losses as well as this can lead to even bigger losses and never gamble when you are upset or depressed. Decision making can be even harder when you are stressed or emotionally upset. Only gamble when you are happy and stress free.It’s nice to take a break as well if you are going through a bad spell. Most of my followers know those things anyway but just the usual reminder.

A final thank you to people who have sent money to charities that are close to my heart. They didn’t have to but they showed their generosity by helping kids that are slightly less fortunate than us. Also thanks for the birthday and Xmas gifts thar a few of you have sent recently. On a personal level I think we did make some good money at nearly all the big meetings this year. The 2 main ones were Cheltenham and Royal Ascot.Both were smashed and glad we didn’t miss  our two big targets. Flat season was superb punting wise since we focused mainly on the good races that paid off . The notebook was very profitable too as it kept delivering some nice winners at tasty odds. Of course there were some lows too but over time it has been a very profitable year.

Hope by now you didn’t get too bored reading my essay ! I will get a blog up on the 25th in the evening once I have my money down on horses running on Boxing Day. There are loads of meetings that day so we need to be selective as usual. Always do singles and don’t rely too much on accas or multiples. Also do try place markets ( very profitable over time if you are patient) or w/o markets if you don’t like betting short priced favorites etc .These are great ways to build your betting bank or rebuild your confidence. Enjoy the holiday season guys and remember to gamble responsibly & drink with moderation 🙂  Best of luck everyone over the next few days. Have a few JD’s and coke for me too !!! CHEERS






Saturday 17th December


1.50 Poker School 10-1 (Free bet from @bet365 if you had Briery Queen in the last at Cheltenham last week )

2.25 Unowhatimeanharry 6-4

3.00 Minella Daddy 9-1 & Irish Saint 10-1

3.35 Modus 8-1(Notebook)  & Jollys Cracked It 9-1


Haydock –  3.15 Clyne 4-1

Fairyhouse – 1.35 Emma Beag 11-2


E/w Lucky 15 – 1.50 Poker School 10-1 , 3.00 Minella Daddy 10-1 , 3.15 Clyne 7-2 , 3.35 Modus 9-1



*Horses to follow list – ( 12.20 Cloudy Dream , 2.05 Tearsofclewbay, 3.35 Jollys Cracked It )