Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2016

Hi guys and girls,

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Hope this new  year will bring us happiness,prosperity and above all good health.It’s been a great year and I really enjoyed it with you all despite a few obstacles along the way.There were some highs as well as some lows but am sure we still have our family,friends and home which are the most important things in life.Make the most of this festive period and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Let me say a massive thank you to each and everyone of you who has contributed in some way to another good year.The tweets,DM’s,emails,text messages have always been well received.Win or lose I know that 99% of you try their best for the team.The majority of guys push in the same direction but there are a few snakes (normally same bunch of idiots) that try to destabilise the ship.The foundations are too strong for the team to collapse.The team we built support each other in good or bad times and I try to reward them when I can on my other account.We have faith in each other and I try to reply to anyone who DM me privately asking for advice.I might take some time to reply due to the amount of messages I get daily but eventually you will always get a reply.If you look after the team I will always look after you.

Gambling should always be regarded as some form of entertainment and not a quick way to become a millionaire in 1-2 days.It won’t happen that’s for sure.I see some people on twitter betting 24/7 on all kinds of sports or anything that moves .Clearly those people have gambling problems and they are not really enjoying betting for fun.Never chase any losses as well as this can lead to even bigger losses and never gamble when you are upset or depressed.Decision making can be even harder when you are stressed or emotionally upset.Only gamble when you are happy and stress free.Most of my followers know those things anyway but just the usual reminder.

Anyway ,we have had many ‘boooom’s together and there were many people who helped us land some good gambles/info’s at crook tracks recently.There are too many to mention but you know who you are.Keep them coming and remember guys it’s US v/s Bookies all the time.We are not trying to compete with A ,B Or C.It’s not a competition to see who is the best tipster etc.We are NOT tipsters.We only share our bets and it’s up to people to follow or not.We put our money on those horses we tweet/blog  and we stick together win or lose.The ‘sacred Notebook’ has been good to us this year and may long it continues.

There are a few leaders in the team who are more vocal than others but there are also a few who work behind the scenes to provide us with the necessary platform to work efficiently.Constructive criticism has always been welcomed .But I will never tolerate piss take or slagging off people who I trust and who work really hard for the team.Loyalty and honesty are 2 big things for me.If you don’t like A or B then you either don’t follow or block them.It’s that simple.No individual is bigger than the team and you will be axed if you break the rules whoever you are.

My other account ( @kris1279) was created to reward honesty and loyalty.I only allow people I have known on twitter for ages over there.I can’t really accept anyone for the time being as there are too many trolls with fake accounts.Really sorry for the genuine guys with new accounts who I have never chatted with.The same applies to the blog password as I didn’t want idiots to still get access to then abuse us after a bad day etc.

Other thing I am super proud of is majority of people(those who tweet their horses ) in the team are still free and never asked a penny .We have stuck with our principle since day one (since 2008/2009)and our conscience is clear.Tips should always be FREE and it’s US against bookies not punters V/s punters.Finally big thanks to few people(you know who you are ) who have helped 2-3 charities that are close to my heart.They didn’t have to and I never asked for anything.They did it as they wanted to show gratitude but I believe the charities will benefit greatly from their good gesture rather than me.

Anyway I am not going to keep boring you.I will get a blog up on 25th with my bets for Boxing Day as soon as I have money on the horses.Some good money can be made as long as we bet with brains.There are loads of meetings that day so as usual be very selective.Remember that not all Mullins favorites will win and don’t rely on acca’s or multiples.Always bet singles and only way you will beat bookies over time.Also do try place markets ( very profitable over time if you are patient) or w/o markets if you don’t like betting favorites etc .These are great ways to build your betting bank or rebuild your confidence .My main focus over the festive period will be the class races where class animals will be running .Have a great one guys and catch up soon.Toasting  a big double JD right now with plenty of ice for you all …CHEERS 🙂