Fantasy Premier League 2015-2016

The Fantasy Premier League will be run again this year like it has done last 3 years.There were lots of you who entered teams last year and there were some good winners at the end of the season with around £200 being shared.So we will adopt the same format again this season where we will compete in the private league.There will be an entry fee of £5  so we all keep the interest going till next May.

It will be run via the official site Premier League Fantasy Payment can be made via paypal ( and once this is done I will send you the code to join via DM (for those who follow me on twitter) and text/facebook/email for the others.DM me once you have paid so I know .When making payment please send the £5 to Family and Friends so that paypal don’t take any commission. Haters please don’t even bother if you will just create trouble.If you don’t have paypal DM me and you can do a bank transfer like a few did last year but I prefer paypal ( )

Prizes will be based on number of people who joined in.If there are around 40 people like last year then the winner gets 50% of money in pot ,2nd – 20% ,3rd – 10%,4th -10%,5th- 5 % and another 5% will be given to the person who will achieve most number of points in any 38 weeks.EVERYTHING in the pot will be shared among the winners at end of season and NOTHING goes to me as i don’t need your money but i like bookies money:)

Good news for people in the fantasy league as  is generously giving £100 in cash as an additional prize.We have come up with the idea of spreading it over the 10 months (August-May ) and the winner will be whoever has most number of points over a month.This will enable every person to win something even if they are behind in the league table.OddsDeck is a very easy to use odds comparison site for all UK & IRE Horse Racing.You can download the app here 

 .To be eligible you have to follow  .Hopefully it does make things even more interesting 

I will create a list on my twitter ( ) and add people who will be playing so that everyone is aware of how many are competing before the season starts.I just think it will be good banter among us once the season starts and a little distraction away from racing when footie is on.

Few problems encountered last year 

(1) Once given the code 3-4 people were sharing it with their friends and they were entering the league without me knowing.Please keep the code to yourself once you have paid.If you want your uncle,auntie,neighbour or dog to enter please tell them to get in touch with me via twitter.

(2) Few people were entering 2 teams as well and I had to go through the list one by one to find the culprits.

(3) I won’t get your tweet If your twitter is protected and I don’t follow you if you contact me.Everyone can send me DM whether am following you or not .I had 2 people last year who paid but I had to refund them since I never knew who they were.