Saturday 1st Feb

Few bets –2.05 Whisper 11-4,2.45 American Life 8-1(Non runner),,3.00 Fine Parchment 7-2, 3.20 Green Flag 5-2,3.30 Grendisar 7-2, ,4.10 Sew on Target 4-1

Notebook -2.15 Alfie Lunette 12-1(4th on Friday for us) ,2.55 Mia’s Boy 18-1, 4.05 Bold Ring 12-1

Friday 31st January

Few bets – 3.20 Big Sound 4-1, 3.45 Swivel 6-4,4.15 Obboor 9-2, 5.10 Sgt Reckless 11-4,7.45 Califante 11-4, 8.15 Little Arrows 5-1

Notebook – 2.00 Alfie Lunette 16-1,7.00 Gabrial The Boss 9-1,

* The racing is very bad tomorrow.Kempton meeting for the jumpers are meant for the bookies so tread carefully and don’t give away all your winnings


Thursday 30th January

Few bets – 2.40 Ultragold 3-1 ,4.00 Silly Billy 6-1 ,5.50 Plough Boy 4-1, 7.20 Trojan Rocket 10-3

Notebook -2.10  Bygones Sovereign 9-1,5.20 Bladewood Girl 7-1

Meydan – 2.40 Ahtoug 6-1 & Abstraction 12-1 ,3.15  Clon Brulee 4-1, 3.50 Certify 15-8 ,5.00 Tasaday 9-2  & Datarhon 25-1 ,5.35 Saxojack 6-1 & Busker 10-1

Wednesday 29th January

Crook Track – 5.50 Six Silver Lane 13-2  ,6.50 Corporal Maddox 7-1 & Glanely 10-1,7.20 Female Strategy 11-4,7.50 Alumina 11-4, 8.20 Jalingo 3-1

Notebook – 5.20 Poitin 9-4

*Only 1 race meeting and bookies will be waiting to pounce.So take it easy or else study for the Cheltenham races 🙂 


Tuesday 28th January

Few bets – 1.20 Luctor Emergo 5-1, 1.50 Caramelita 7-2, 2.40 Chesil Beach Boy 4-1,3.40 Come on Annie 5-1, 4.10 Al Alfa 5-2,

Notebook -1.40 Uncle Petitt 10-1,3.10 Mentalist 7-2,

Monday 27th January

Few bets2.15 Court Jester 3-1,(non runner )4.40 Sir Charle Kunz  evens ,5.10 Persian Patriot 5-2 ,5.40 Dance for Georgie 6-1 & Magical Rose 14-1 (non runner)

Notebook – 1.45 Samson Collonges 6-1

* Poor racing tomorrow so careful when you placing your bets.Think I have run out of words for the mighty Fly.All roads lead to Cheltenham now and that was another lesson for ‘the young pretenders’ even when he wasn’t working  that well at home last few days during which he  suffered bruises.Horse is tough as nails and it will take a really good one to lower his colours at Cheltenham in March.Showed so much tenacity,determination and courage to win again.Like Ruby said ‘ Artists are not legends until they are gone ,are they? ‘

For the time being layers are licking their wounds once again as The Fly keeps winning.I was surprised during the weekend to see so many people who wanted the class horses like Big Bucks and Hurricane Fly to get beat.If you were a racing fan surely you would want those ‘once in a lifetime ‘ horses to win at all costs.Some people were celebrating Big Bucks defeat as if the horse was some kind of Wolvo donkey that just got beaten by a length.Come on, give those horses some respect for what they have achieved.Other bad losers were cursing Sam Twiston Davies for the ride he gave the horse.He rode the horse as he was told and even Nichols confirmed it afterwards.People don’t realise the horse was out with a tendon injury and that it was his first run for ages.We are blessed to see such a special horse back on a racecourse after such an injury that could have ended his career.He will come on a lot for this run and will be better in March.Nichols knows the time and day to get one ready anyway so no sweat at all.CLASS is CLASS!!!

Sunday 26th January

Few bets -1.30 Felix Yonger 9-4, 2.10 Comeback Colin 4-1,,2.55 Alben Star 4-1,3.10 Sure Reef 5-2 ,4.30 Classy Trick 13-2

Notebook -2.00 The Way We Were 10-1 ,4.00 Arr Kid 6-1

2.35 Leopardstown Hurricane Fly – It appears the horse suffered bruises on his leg recently and hasn’t been working well last few days .It’s a small field and race could develop into a tactical affair.A fit Hurricane Fly beats Jezki and Our Conor once more but we won’t know if his bruising affect him till tomorrow.So basically you are taking a risk betting on The Fly at 4-6 -4/7 especially if you have a small betting bank.Not worth at those odds in such small field and better take his price for Cheltenham in March after race .

Mullins was concerned when he said ” We couldn’t find anything wrong with him for a good while afterwards, but the girl that looks after him noticed he seemed to be feeling a leg and we discovered a little bruise. We took off the shoe, cleaned it and put it in a poultice overnight .It’s a concern, although he appears to be in good form now. It’s going to be a hell of a test for him tomorrow.”  But I have had few bets on him last few days  whenever I was winning  and hopefully he runs well and come home safely after race.The main battle is in March and remember horses are not machines.We have seen Sprinter Sacre and Big Bucks losing their unbeaten records recently so anything can happen in racing but come on THE CHAMP 🙂 


Saturday 25th January

Few bets – 12.25 Centasia 7-2 , 1.30 King Of The Wolds 6-1, 2.40 Sausalito Sunrise 9-2, 3.15 Kruzhlinin 9-1, 3.25 Blood Cotil 10-1

Notebook -12.50 Catalina’s Diamond 8-1, 2.35 Veeraya 7-2 ,2.50 King Vuvuzela 8-1

Lucky 31 + EW Acca – 2.40 Sausalito Sunrise 9-2, 3.00 Red Sherlock 15-8, 3.25 Blood Cotil 10-1 ,3.35 Big Bucks 11-10 ,4.10 Quick Decisson 4-1


12.40 Le Rocher 5-2

1.15 Annacotty 15-2,The Italian Yob 5-1

1.50 Sew on Target 14-1

2.25 Rocky Creek 13-8

3.00 Red Sherlock 15-8,

3.35 Big Bucks 11-10

4.10 Quick Decisson 4-1,Waterunder 11-1

Friday 24th January

Few bets – 1.30 Fruit Pastille 6-1, 2.55 Caroles Destrier 10-3(non runner ,so Josies Orders 4-1 is replacement) , 4.00 No No Bingo 9-2, 5.30 Caramack 5-1,6.30 Benanddonner 3-1

Notebook – 2.00 Seek The Fair Land 9-2, 3.05 George Guru 8-1, 4.20 Call Me Vic ,

Thursday 23rd January

Few bets -2.40 Aqua Ardens 2-1, 3.15 Lookoutnow 9-1, 3.40 Genax 8-1(non runner ),4.15 Stack The Deck 11-2, 6.30 Poitin 3-1

Notebook – 2.50 Kris Spin 11-2, 7.00 Absolutely So 5-2

Meydan –  3.40 Bertiewhittle 7-1 & Mont Ras 8-1 ,4.15 Daddy Long Legs 15-2 ,4.50 Anaerobio 11-2  ,5.25 El Estruendoso 8-1,

*After the Barney Curley bookie bashing today we have to be very careful in the next few days as bookies will be trying to recoup their losses of Black Wednesday .I think Thursday’s racing looks very competitive and tricky so be careful with your stakes.It was good to see a few of you who followed  the gambles when i tweeted about them last night and this morning.I wished i was on all of them now 🙂 The one i did , Eye of The Tiger won by 20 lengths and i laid it . From then I chickened out of backing or laying the rest of the gambles  🙂 Meydan also looks tough tomorrow .Looking forward to Fri-Sunday cards though bar the ones on the AW lol