Tuesday 31st December

Few bets – 12.30 Sand Stormer ,1.00 Mersad 7-1,1.40 Tresor de Bontee 4-1,2.10 Notus de la Tour 12-1 ,2.20 Roseneath 3-1

Notebook -2.30 ,Oblitereight 8-1,3.30 Roy’s Legacy 12-1, 3.45 Ballychorus


Monday 30th December

Few bets – 12.50 Baby Run 7-4,1.55 Bob Ford 9-2 ,2.40 Dellbuoy 11-4, 3.15 Brown Pete 6-1,3.45 Royal Etiquette 7-2

Notebook -1.55 Hunters Lodge 10-1 ,3.25 TheOystercatcher 6-1,

Sunday 29th December

Few bets – 12.55 Sea Light 13-8,1.15 Corkage 8-1, 2.15 Annie Oakley 10-1, 2.55 Figaro 6-1,(Captain Cutter beat him last time and pissed a race today so form is in the book),3.05 Morning Assembly 5-2 (ante post), 3.35 Fort Smith 5-2

Notebook –12.55 Good as Gold 10-1,3.15 Funky Munky 10-1,3.50 Clounts Meadows ,

Trixie – 2.55 Figaro ,3.05 Morning Assembly ,3.35 Fort Smith

2.00 Hurricane Fly 5-4 – Ok am told that he might not run tomorrow as they are not happy with him but I already had a bet before.Bookies knew as they pushed him out to 5-4 from 8-11 .If he starts then he will have to run to his very best to win race.Ruby saw Our Conor race last week and said he was a monster.He is really scared of him and says he has improved a lot since his flat race where he was battered and bruised.I will leave it with you to decide whether you want to bet or not.I have done a straight fc HF-OC as well.

Saturday 28th December

Few bets – 1.10 Galician 11-4, 1.20 Inis Meain 5-2,1.30 Lamps 12-1, 1.50 Zaidpour 7-2,2.10 Palace Moon 10-1, 2.55 Sir Des Champs 10-3,3.10 Coverholder 13-2

Notebook -12.50 Followmeuptocarlow 10-1, 1.15 Financial Climate 11-2,1.45 Kaki De La Pree 6-1, 3.35 Carmela Maria 8-1

2.35 Chepstow – 2.35 Teaforthree 14-1 & Vintage Star 14-1

E/w Lucky 31 – 1.15 Financial Climate 11-2,1.50 Zaidpour 7-2,2.10 Palace Moon 10-1,2.35 Teaforthree 14-1,3.10 Coverholder 6-1

Donkeys that refuse to win for me -1.00 Handsupfordetroit 9-2 & 1.40 Icebuster 9-1 (so watch them win 2moro lol)

And the classy Faugheen runs in the 1.35 Limerick .His first real test of the season but is no price at 8-15 .



Friday 27th December

Few Bets -1.20 Arvika Ligeonniere 7-4 ,1.40 Oh Crick 13-2, 1.50 Moyle Park 7-4, 2.15 Majala 9-4 ,4.25 Red Shadow 7-1

Notebook – 2.25 Kung Hei Fat Choy 6-1, 2.35 Immediate Response 7-1,3.00 Mr Chocolate Drop 16-1

2.55 Leopardstown – Daring Article 10-1 & Your Busy 25-1 (Lottery Race )


1.00 Stephen Hero 11-4

1.30 Dodging Bullets 11-4

2.00 Mrs Peachey 9-2

2.30 #BankOfSprinterSacre 

3.40 Fergall 12-1 & Somemothersdohaveem 16

Thursday 26th December

Few bets – 1.55 Calculated Risk 3-1 ,2.15 Champagne West 11-4, 2.20(Leo) King Vuvuzela 10-1 ,2.20(Wetherby) Bourne 7-1

Notebook – 1.45 Cape Tribulation 10-1,2.10 Lead Kindly Light 4-1,3.55 Stack The Deck 11-8

Boxing Day Lucky 15 –12.50 Dubai Prince, 2.35 The New One ,3.10 Dynaste,3.15 String Theory

12.20 Clondaw Court ,1.20 Analifet, 2.45 Felix Yonger , 2.55 Champagne Fever  (all these should win easily bar accident )

Xmas Lucky 31 – Dynaste 4-1 (26th ) ,The New One evens (26th ),Sir Des Champs 11-4 (29th ), Hurricane Fly 8-11 (29th),Morning Assembly 5-2 (29th)

( All best odds can be found here http://www.oddschecker.com/horse-racing-betting/ante-post-racing/national-hunt )


12.50 Dubai Prince 7-4,Sergeant Reckless 5-1(saver)

1.25 Western Warhorse 4-1

2.00 Green Flag  9-2

2.35 The New One evens

3.10 Dynaste 4-1  ,Long Run 10-1(saver)

3.45 Quaddick Lake 12-1

P.S Some quality racing tomorrow but also some dross at those crook tracks.Be selective with your bets as bookies normally clean up on bank holiday meetings.Too many races in such short amount of time .It’s impossible to even follow and if you bet in every single race tomorrow then something is wrong 🙂 Good luck as always and let’s hope for a good day


26th December – Christmas Hurdle – The New One –evens

King Georges V1 Chase – Dynaste 8-1/4-1

27th December -Desert Orchid Chase – Sprinter Sacre 1-4

-Dial –A –Bet Chase – Arvika Ligeonniere 7-4

28th December–  Lexus Chase – Sir Des Champs 11-4

WoodiesDiy Hurdle – Solwhit/Annie’s Power (no bet yet)

Challow Novice Hurdle – Royal Regatta 8-1

29th December Ryanair Hurle – Hurricane Fly 8-11

Topaz Novice Chase –Morning Assembly 5-2

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2014

Just wanted to say Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to everyone and your loved ones.May this New Year brings you lots of happiness ,success and prosperity.Thank you everyone for all your help throughout the year and special mention to those who have been sending me DM’s ,text messages or emails.Without teamwork there is no success in this game.

Reflecting on the year ,there were many highs and lows but I hope the majority of us are quids in.Being disciplined, sticking to our betting strategy,having self control,bankroll management and betting at level stakes are some of the things I have been repeating to quite a few of you.Like every year the big meetings and festivals were targeted.I aim to concentrate on those mostly as they are the races where I make most of my profit.We had a fantastic Cheltenham 2013 where most ante post betting came good ,followed by Super Saturday at Meydan where we smashed the bookies.Aintree and Punchestown were similar stories.

The flat season started with a bang when the big acca consisting of classy horses came in at a nice 25-1.The roof was lifted when Dawn Approach completed the last leg on Guineas day at HQ.This gave us the platform to build and consolidate throughout the year to be honest.From Ascot to Longchamp via Santa Anita we had some big winners at tasty prices.On the downside I struggled in the small meetings & AW and had to adjust the way I was betting.There were too many inconsistent donkeys and a lot of races were being fixed even before the races were being run.The notebook came out as a result and things did improve a lot.I was getting also involved in the laying of horses and i realised it was easier to make money laying horses than backing them in those small races.I was also being selective with my bets and spent less time studying low graded stuff when you know it was being fixed night before.That’s when I started to lay horses and most favorites or odds on do get stuffed in those small races.I had to adapt and change my strategy re betting.The highlight of my year has to be seeing Hurricane Fly winning back his Champion Hurdle crown ,a horse that i simply love to bits.Treve, winning the ARC has to come 2nd as we followed her since her 1st start too.The sight of Dawn Approach finishing nearly last in The Derby was hard to swallow and i was left deflated after his defeat.

As it’s the case these days on twitter,you get a few trolls and idiots who like to abuse others for no reason at all.I have to deal with them on a daily basis.I even had to report one lunatic woman (who is still around under a guy’s twitter name these days) for being abusive towards me.After investigation twitter deleted her account for good.I don’t mind positive criticism at all but to be abusive and shouting obscenities is out of order.We don’t force anyone to follow our bets or point a gun to your head.At the end of the day it’s your responsibility when you bet and how much you bet.Horses are not machines and not all info do win.

The level of support and kind words from the ‘real ‘people when those things were happening was fantastic and it’s one of reasons why i am still on twitter.Thank you to all the people who keep defending us against those trolls .And i don’t forget the banter as well.I had a few disagreements with a few people on a few minor things but at the end of the day we shook hands like adults and were good friends again.The team we built is very solid and we share almost everything on a daily basis.There is no bitching or back stabbing behind closed doors.What you see is what you get .We win and lose together.People who are having problems always come to us privately and we do try to help whenever we can.I have always try to educate some of you on ways where you can improve your betting .It’s not always about winning.It’s also about losing and learning from your own mistakes in the hope you don’t repeat same thing next time.The best feeling is when you see people winning and telling you how bookies have paid for their wedding,holidays,kid’s University tuition fees or Xmas.This is when I usually have a big smile on my face.

On this note I wish you all have a great Xmas.Have a fantastic time and get ready for the good racing that start on Boxing Day.Make sure you all wake up on time and don’t have a sore head ! Keep drinking and partying my style 🙂

Warm regards


P.S The link to my ante post bets ,some of which were done since 19th March can be found here https://boomteamhq.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/ante-post-bets-2013-2014/ for those asking.More will be added after Cheltenham meeting at start of January and a few multiples will be added like last year.All odds for Cheltenham 2014 races can be found here http://www.oddschecker.com/horse-racing-betting/ante-post-racing/cheltenham-festival