I decided to put all my fancies on a blog to make it easier for people on twitter to follow them .The reason why is because Twitter always send me to jail as i am always exceeding the daily limit of tweets replying to you lovely people .  Nothing flashy here ,no affiliation to bookies ,no promotion ,no links to click  ..oops i forgot to add a donate button so that you can buy me a beer 🙂  Am only focused on finding winners and help to bash the bookies .Remember am not a ‘tipster’ . I only tell you what am betting .I can’t guarantee we will all be millionaires by the end of the week but i can assure you that we will be in profit over a long term if you stick to a betting strategy and you are disciplined with it .Never bet what you can’t afford to lose and never chase any losses .There is no better feeling than beating the silly bookies and running away with their money . It’s even better when we bashed them as a team . Good luck everyone who is reading this n lets rock n roll .

P.S  The You Tube Vid above is a horse that is close to my heart for obvious reasons and there was no better feeling to see him reclaiming the Champion Hurdle on the 12th March 2013 .In the process he made all stats lovers and critics eat their own words 🙂


106 thoughts on “About

  1. Very interested in what you have to offer . If there is any chance of me entering your club I would very much appreciate it 🥃👍

  2. Top bloke. Clever and great to offer his dedication to his hobby to people like us. Cheers Kris

    • Hi George I normally put them on my blog but a few times I tweet. I don’t bet daily but only on days when there are good races. Keep an eye. There will be a blog for Doncaster as from Thursday and Irish Champion weekend

  3. Kris its John here mate. Will i still receive your “fancies” by email?

    Good luck and have a nice bank holiday


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